Using Classroom Capture for Live Streamed Captures

Historically, Live streaming was only available if using a SafeCapture HD or Echo360 PRO appliance. This is because the configurations, the hardware, and communication capabilities of these devices were known quantities. We knew how live streaming would work through these appliances and we could test live streaming using an identical appliance.

Classroom Capture (CCAP) does not afford us that luxury, because we have no control over the hardware on which the CCAP software in installed, or the configuration of the Windows operating system running on the PC.

That being said, if you are planning to use a CCAP installation for Live streamed classes, there are some configuration aspects you will want to be aware of, in order to avoid problems with your CCAP Live classes.

If the Windows Firewall is enabled, it will need permission to allow CCAP to stream data. The allow access exception will only need to be selected once, after which time the Windows Firewall should allow subsequent CCAP live streams to succeed without intervention.

Alternately you can set up your own Firewall exception for the CCAP live streaming capture.

Recommended Browser: For the best experience, we recommend that users connect to live streams using Chrome.