Taking Notes in Class

Once in a classroom, you can take notes while viewing the presentation. The Notes panel appears to the right of the presentation pane, and should appear by default when you open the classroom.

If the Notes pane does not appear, click the Notes icon in the left toolbar, shown in the below figure. This is a toggle button which also closes the Notes panel when not needed.

All notes entered appear in the Study Guide tab for the course. Only you can see your notes, however Instructors do know which students are taking notes within the interface.

Classroom presentation with Notes icon identified and notes panel showing

To take notes

  1. If necessary, click the Notes icon in the toolbar to open the Notes panel.
  2. Click in the Notes panel and start typing.
  3. At the end of each note, press Enter. This allows for the entry and syncing of a new note.

Location information (time or slide number) appears in the tag to the left of the note. These tags can be edited (if you need to change the location your note is referencing) or deleted (if video/presentation location doesn't matter).

You can also download your notes from the classroom or from the Study Guide tab. This generates a text file containing your class notes.

Open notes in WordPad not Notepad. The notes text file that gets generated opens with proper formatting in WordPad but not in Notepad. Notepad doesn't recognize the line-breaks between notes.

To edit presentation location tags

  1. Hover over the tag until the drop-down arrow (also called a "chevron") appears.
  2. Click the chevron and select Edit tag.
  3. Type in the change and press Enter. Use colons between the hour, minute, and second digits (h:mm:ss).

Alternately, you can select Delete tag from the chevron menu to remove the sync tag altogether. The note will remain.