Register Your Account and Log In

If your institution uses an LMS, the instructions below probably do not apply to you. Your account should be established through the LMS and not through the registration process cited below. If you receive a registration email, check with your administrator before continuing.

You should receive notification that an Echo360 user account has been created for you. This may come as a notification from the system administrator, or be an invitation to a course from an instructor.

The notification contains a Complete Registration link to Echo360.

To complete account registration

  1. Click Complete Registration from the notification you receive.
  2. In the Account Details page, complete the personal information for your Echo360 account. Those details include:
  1. Click Create Account to complete the process (you may need to scroll down to get to the bottom of the registration page).

account settings and registration screen
At this point you should be passed through into Echo360, and see your DASHBOARD. If you do not, or you want to log in later, navigate to the Echo360 server and log in using the email address and password you just configured.
Echo360 ALP login screen