Posting Questions During Class (while in the classroom)

NOTE: Some institutions disable the Q&A functionality; if you do not see the Questions button or panel as described below, check with your school's help desk to see if this is the case with your institution.

If you have a question while viewing a classroom presentation, or want to respond to a question someone else asked about the class, select the Questions icon from the left toolbar. This is a toggle button which also closes the Questions panel when not needed.

Any posted question can generate multiple responses, generating discussions about the class material.

For Live streaming classes, the Questions panel appears by default, allowing viewers to chat about the class in real-time.

All posts (and responses) entered through the classroom questions panel also appear in the Q&A tab for the course. If a post references a point in the classroom video or a particular slide, that visual cue also appears with the question in the Q&A tab.

Bookmarking a question makes it show up in your Study Guide (questions you post are automatically bookmarked). Click the flag below the question to bookmark it (the flag changes from gray to blue).

presentation toolbar with questions icon identified

The Questions panel opens to the right of the presentation, as shown below, allowing you to enter or respond to a question. Any previously posted questions for the class are listed, along with a NEW QUESTION button allowing you to post a question to the class.

To post a question while viewing a class

  1. From the presentation screen, hover the mouse over the left side of the screen to display the toolbar.
  2. Click the Questions icon.
    The question panel opens to the right of the main presentation panel.
    presentation window with question panel shown on right
  3. Click NEW QUESTION to enter a question for this class or presentation.
  4. Enter your question into the New question text box.
  5. If applicable, click the paperclip icon to add an attachment to the post.
  6. Enable the Reference class content slider then select the Video location or Slide number as appropriate, if your question is related to a particular moment/slide in the presentation. This provides context for your question. Otherwise, the question is posted without the reference.
  7. Enable the Post anonymously slider if you do not want to be identified as the author of this question. The instructor will be able to see who posted the question but other students will not.
  8. When finished, click POST QUESTION.

The question appears for all users in the Questions panel for this class and in the Q&A tab for the course. Other class members, including instructors, can respond to or endorse your post.