Printable Documentation

We have designed this Online Help to be informative and easy to use. But we know that sometimes there's nothing like having your own copy of the documentation. Or maybe you just prefer reading paper instead of an electronic screen.

Release Notes in PDF form are available, listing the most recent three releases are available in PDF form.

The Capture API v3.0.1 Reference Guide and Echo360 API v1.2 Reference Guide are also available in PDF form.

If you prefer, we have generated a static version of the Swagger Docs for our Public API, which you can download locally for your use. You have three options:

In both formats, the tags, paths, and JSON objects in the static file are linked throughout, so you can access the associated information quickly. We hope to develop a cleaner and even easier to navigate version of the static Swagger Docs file at some point in the future.

In addition, we have provided Printable PDF versions of these Online Help topics. They are grouped as the following guides:

Be advised, however, that since the PDFs must be generated ahead of time, you  may find some (but rare) instances where the information in the PDF does not exactly match the online help. The online help is the most up-to-date documentation available.