Configure Input and Output for Personal Capture for Windows

Select inputs for recording

Select output quality for capture

Personal Capture allows you to select the inputs you want to capture for each recording, and the output quality for the capture. The below figure identifies the locations of the drop-down lists for selecting recording inputs and capture quality output.

PCAP preview window with input and output selections marked as described

The input and output selections you make are retained, even after you close the program. This means you can configure these settings once and use the same ones each time you create a recording, without the need to re-select them.

Select inputs for recording

Personal Capture allows you to record up to three inputs, as follows: 

Use the three drop-down lists on the left side of the preview screen, identified in the above picture, to select the inputs you want to use. Choose None Selected if applicable to that input.

Note the following about Audio input:

After you select the appropriate inputs, check the preview of those inputs shown on the screen. Each are identified in the following figure and described below.

PCAP Preview window with input preview panes marked as described

Select output quality for capture

The output selection drop-down list is located on the right side of the preview screen above the Primary Video preview pane. It is circled in the figure at the top of this page. This selection allows you to determine the resolution of the video and display output of the capture, which in turn determines the size of the capture files.

The selections available are as follows: