Personal Capture for Mac

Personal Capture (PCAP) is a stand-alone application designed to be used by Instructors on their personal computers to generate captures outside of the classroom environment.

The topics in this section of the Online Help provide installation and user instructions for Personal Capture for Mac, and include:


PCAP cannot record high-definition content that is protected by High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). Newer Mac models have HDCP enabled, which restricts the playback of some types of content in high-definition. If you attempt to record the display feed of HDCP-protected content, the display may be blank, be shown as disconnected, or may record in very low resolution/quality. You can play the content in Standard Definition, or attempt another workaround (search Apple forums for possible solutions).

Refer also to:

See Personal Capture For Windows for instructions for Windows users.

Known Issues for capture on some Retina Display Mac models. See Using PCAP Mac on Retina Display Models for information on workarounds and configuration settings to get the best possible output for your PCAP Mac recordings.