Viewing Classes and Presentations

THIS TOPIC deals with viewing classroom material after the class has been captured and posted to the class list. For viewing classes in real-time (as they are happening) see Viewing Live Classes (Student view).

Classes are grouped by courses. To view a list of all classes for a particular course, you can:

Use the class list to find the class you want to watch and to see what materials your instructor may have posted for upcoming classes. See Understanding class list page icons below for descriptions of the indicators on the Classes page.

Playback Bar Auto-hide: To increase the amount of screen space available for classroom materials, the playback bar now auto-hides. It should appear when you first enter the classroom then disappear after a few seconds. To reveal the bar again, hover your mouse over the bottom of the classroom window. See Using Classroom Tools for more information on the functionality located in the playback bar.
IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE however that if the classroom only has a presentation, you will not see a playback bar, as the controls will not apply.

To watch a class

  1. From the DASHBOARD, click ALL CLASSES for the section whose class you want to watch.
    The Class List appears. The page is positioned to show the most recently completed class, meaning you may need to scroll up or down to see other classes.
    class list page listing classes and viewed and unviewed content as described
  2. If necessary, use the Search box to find the class you want to view.
  3. Click on the class row to enter the Classroom view.
    The classroom viewer opens, with the video playing automatically if there is one.

    ALTERNATELY, if you click on the content icon for the class and select View from the menu that appears, the classroom view opens with that content item maximized. This allows you to find a particular item to view or view again within the classroom.
    student classroom viewer with toolbar and playbar showing as described
  4. Use the playbar at the bottom to pause, play, rewind 10 seconds, or scrub through the video as needed. See Using Classroom Tools - Student for details.
  5. Use the Volume control and Settings buttons to control quality and speed of playback. See Using Classroom Tools - Student for details.
  6. Use the Layout button to change how the items are arranged on the screen, if the classroom contains multiple visual feeds (e.g., the classroom recording captured dual video or video and display, and there is a presentation loaded to the class). See Using Classroom Tools - Student for details.
  7. Use the Sources button to remove or return classroom content to the  classroom viewing pane.
  8. If the video is closed captioned, use the CC button to toggle the captions on or off, and to change the location, size, color, and text justification of the caption text. See Using Classroom Tools - Student for details.
  9. Use the classroom toolbar across the top to navigate between classes, enter or respond to questions, and take notes during the classroom viewing.

You can also access the most recent classes from your Dashboard. Click the preview thumbnail in the Dashboard for the class to jump directly to that classroom.

Understanding the class list page icons

Each class is shown with a series of icons, providing information and functionality as follows:

Class list showing a currently occuring class that is also being live streamed