Taking Notes and Asking Questions

Echo360 lets you take notes while you're viewing a class and maintain your own personal Study Guide for the course. You can also post questions to the Q&A forum that the instructor or other students can view and respond to.

This topic provides an overview of these study-aide features. For detailed information, see Taking Notes in Class, Reviewing your Study Guide as well as Posting Questions About Class Presentations and Participate in Class Q&A.

Taking and reviewing class notes

Notes you enter during class are synced to the video location or presentation slide you're viewing at the time, so that when you go back to look at them later, you have some context for the note you entered. This can be particularly useful if your notes are cryptic or you make a note of an item from the class you want to review again. (You can also just add a Bookmark, if a note is not needed.)

Two locations for taking or reviewing notes:

Asking and responding to questions

NOTE: Some institutions disable the Q&A functionality; if you do not see the Questions button or Q&A tab described below, check with your school's help desk to see if this is the case with your institution.

Questions or comments you post to the class at large can be synced to the video location or presentation slide you're viewing at the time, but do not have to be. Referencing content with your question may provide useful context for the question or comment, however.

TIP: Questions you post also appear in your Study Guide for the class. But if you find someone else's question interesting, bookmark it (click the little flag below the question; it turns blue!). Bookmarking a question makes it show up in your Study Guide.

Viewing and Responding to classroom discussions: