Navigating Between or Exiting Classes

While viewing the Class list page, you can easily select which class you want to view.

To exit the classroom and return to the class list page, click the Section name in the top right corner of the classroom.

Student classroom with link to exit to class list identified

To view a different class in the section, click the class name/list icon located at the top of the screen.

Classroom toolbar with class list icon and section name link identified as described

The class list appears (also sometimes called the class list tray), as shown below, listing all other classes for the section. Note that if there is a video playing at the time, the video is paused while the class list is open.

The class list allows you to select a different class and open the classroom and view the content for that class.

Click the class list icon again to close the class list. Or click the X in the top right corner of the class list.

Classroom page with class llist pane shown as described