Viewing and Interacting with Presentations through the Echo360 App

Each class in the class list contains an icon for the type of media published to the class. Tapping on the class opens the classroom viewer, showing the video by default. If there is a presentation in the class, there is a slide-deck icon in the top right corner.

Tap the slide deck icon in the top right corner to open the slides in the classroom view. Logically, if there is only a presentation published to the class, tapping the class from the class list shows the presentation in the classroom view.

Notice how the icon in the top right corner changes to show a video icon (if there is a video in the class). Tapping this icon swaps the main view back to the video.

The instructor presentation view allows for:

Instructor view of slide deck on mobile app with options as described


Mobile app instructor view of activity in a classroom


The student presentation view allows for:


Student view of slide deck through mobile app


mobile app student view of activity slide as described