Viewing Content through the Echo360 App

Clicking on a class from the list allows you to view the class. If the class has both a video and a presentation, you are asked which item you want to view. Both items are available while in the classroom, but the item you select (Slides or Video) is maximized on entry. See Viewing and Interacting with Presentations in a Class for more information on interacting with presentations in the classroom.

Mobile app popup box asking which content you want to view as described

If there are both a video and a presentation in the classroom, tap the icon in the top right corner to swap between them.

If there is a second video feed in the capture, tap the swap icon in the bottom right corner to switch between them.

These icons and the other classroom features and playback controls are identified in the below figure and described below the figure.

Depending on your connection type, if the video has both HD and SD versions (most do):

You can change which version you are watching, to accommodate bandwidth issues, if necessary. The HD/SD toggle button is located in the bottom right corner of the player, as identified with the #8 in the below figure. If the HD button is white or highlighted, the HD version of the video is playing.

Mobile App video player with control buttons identifed as described

The video controls appear when the video first begins, then disappear to allow you to watch without interference. To make the controls appear, tap once on the video screen.

The video controls are defined as follows, using the numbers shown to identify each:

  1. Return: The arrow in the top left corner exits the video and returns you to the class list.
  2. Confusion Flag: Indicates confusion about a video location or a slide, depending on what is being viewed at the time it is selected.
  3. Discussions/Questions: Opens the questions page to allow viewers to post questions and responses about the classroom material. Users can also edit or delete questions or responses via the questions page. See Posting Questions for a Class in the Mobile App for additional information.
  4. Swap Video/Presentation: If the class has both a video and a presentation in it, the icon in the top right corner allows you to swap between the two. If a presentation is showing, the icon indicates a video; if a video is showing, the icon indicates a presentation. If there is no second content in the class, there is no icon. See Viewing and Interacting with Presentations in a Class for additional information on presentations.
  5. Current Location: Shows current location (time elapsed) of playback. The playback bar allows for "scrubbing" to a different location in the video. Tap on the playback bar, or tap and drag the endpoint (dot) of the playback bar to move to a different location in the video.

  6. Playback controls: Contains rewind (10 seconds), fast forward (10 seconds) and play/pause button for controlling the video playback.

  7. Duration of video: The total time/length of the video.

  8. HD/SD: Switches between the HD and SD versions of the video (for videos that have both...most do). If playback is not smooth because of bandwidth issues, you may want to switch from HD to SD.

    HD playback is indicated when the HD icon is white or highlighted. In the above figure, the HD icon is white, indicating HD playback.

  9. Primary/Secondary Video swap: For captures that have dual visual inputs, this switches the feed between the primary and secondary video/display. The primary input is shown by default.