Configure Echo360 as an External LTI Tool in Sakai

Newer versions of Sakai (10.4 and up) allow for the creation of an External LTI tool in the Administration Workspace, which can be selected for each Site as configured (either by the Admin or the Instructor)

The instructions below are provided as a guide for creating an LTI for Echo360 access to Sakai, and must be performed by the LMS administrator.

Older Sakai Versions must create the tool for each site: If you are using an older version of Sakai, you must create the external tool on the Site level. The instructions and option specifications identified below, however, remain effectively the same.

To create the Echo360 External LTI tool in Sakai

  1. Log into Sakai as an administrator.
  2. Enter the Administration Workspace and select Worksite Setup.
  3. From the tool selections across the top of the screen, select External Tools.
    Administration workspace setup with buttons for steps as described
  4. Click Tools Available in System from the top of the External Tools list.
  5. Click the Add LTI 1.1 Tool link, located on the right side of the available tools list.
    Available tools list in sakai with link identified for steps as described
  6. In the External Tool form that appears, complete the fields as appropriate, using the following settings required for Echo360: (see also best practice note below)
  7. When finished, click Save.

The Available External Tools list now shows the Echo360 LTI tool link you just created. When you (or other user) creates a site, this tool is listed under PlugIns, and can be selected for site navigation.

BEST PRACTICE: Selecting and copying the LMS fields in Echo360 can be difficult, and can be prone to not selecting the full value. To select the full value of an LMS field, do the following:
1) Use your mouse to select a portion of the field values.
2) Press Ctrl+A / Command+A to "select all" of the field.
3) Press Ctrl+C / Command + C to copy the selected value.
4) Paste the value into the corresponding field in the LMS LTI External Tool configuration.