Configuring Moodle LTI for the Echo360

To use Moodle with Echo360's active learning platform, you need to configure Echo360 as an external tool in Moodle, then link that tool to each course where the classroom media/content will be delivered through Echo360.

Workflow for configuring Moodle to provide Echo360 content

  1. Enable the Moodle LTI configuration in Echo360.
    This generates the Key, Secret, and Host URL fields needed to set up the External Tool in Moodle.
  2. Create the External LTI Tool in Moodle for Echo360.

  3. Add a link to the External Tool to each Course in Moodle.
    This step can be done by the Admin or the Instructor.

  4. Click the link to Echo360 and select which section to show to users through this Moodle Course page.

  5. If appropriate for your institution, Instructors may also choose to create multiple tool links and link to individual classes within an Echo360 section.

    Alternately, instructors or admins can create the Echo360 course and/or section through the tool interface. Whoever creates the section this way is automatically assigned as an instructor to the course.

  6. Users who log into Moodle and click the Echo360 tool link are automatically passed through to the Echo360 section's class list, and automatically enrolled in the class with the corresponding user role.

  7. If desired, Instructors can export Echo360 analytics to their Moodle gradebook.

NOTE: The procedures in these topics are provided as guidelines to the Moodle LTI setup process. Refer to the Moodle documentation for additional details, or contact Moodle product support if you need further assistance.