Linking LMS Courses to Echo360 Sections

See also Linking LMS Course to Echo Classrooms if sending students directly into individual classrooms is more appropriate for your institution and situation.

The instructions below assume the Echo360 section you are linking to has already been created. These procedures can be performed by  an instructor or an administrator. Be advised however, if an administrator completes the linking process, they will automatically be assigned as an Instructor in the Echo360 section. Those admins can be un-enrolled from those sections through Echo360 once all the linking is complete.

If you are an Instructor completing these links and the selection lists are too cumbersome to navigate, contact your administrator and ask them about limiting the selections to only your enrolled Echo360 sections.

If the course/section does not yet exist in Echo360, an Admin or an Instructor can create the course and/or section, unless that capability has been disabled for the institution.

Allow Popups from the LMS site: If the LTI External tool link was properly configured to open in a new window/tab, the first time you access it, you may need to select to allow pop-ups from the LMS site in your browser. This should only be necessary on first access.

To link an LMS course or section to an Echo360 section

  1. Log into the LMS as either an instructor or an admin.
  2. Open the LMS course or section you want to link.
  3. Click the Echo360 tool link already added to the course. If there isn't one, see the appropriate instructional page for your LMS:
  4. Use the drop-down lists on the window that appears to find the course, term, and section to link to.
  5. If necessary select the Link to your Section Home radio button (it is selected by default).
  6. Click LINK CONTENT as shown in the below figure.

    If you want to link directly into a particular class, follow the instructions in Linking LMS Course to Echo Classrooms.

    select a section page for linking to LMS as described

The LMS course/section is now linked to the corresponding Echo360 section. Users clicking the Echo360 link in their LMS are taken to the Class List for the Echo360 section you just linked.

Admins that establish the link to Echo360 are automatically enrolled as instructors into the Echo360 section. They can be unenrolled later, after all the LMS links to Echo are established.


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