Configuring Echo360 to Use the Canvas Data API

NOTE: This feature is only available for institutions where the Canvas Data API integration feature has been enabled, and is currently in selected beta testing. If you are interested in more information or adding this feature to your institution, contact your Echo360 representative or send a message to

Echo360 provides integration with the Canvas Data API, allowing instructors to use the API to provide grading metrics directly into the Metric Correlation Graph available on the Analytics tab for each section.

If the Canvas Data API fields are properly configured in your Canvas LMS Configuration, your instructors will have the option to manually upload grades via a CSV template (pre-populated with section student data, and available for instructor download), or they can select to automate import of their Canvas grades (the Total column in their Canvas section's gradebook) to use in the correlation graph.

To configure integration with the Canvas Data API

  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Select the Settings icon in upper-right of the screen.
  3. From the Settings menu, select Configurations.
  4. From the left panel, select LMS configurations as shown in the below figure.
    LMS Configurations page with settings menu and left tab navigation identified
  5. Find your Canvas LMS configuration profile, and click Canvas Data API from above the LMS configuration fields.
    Canvas Data API tab of the Canvas LMS integration with fields as described
  6. Complete the fields using the corresponding values from Canvas. Be SURE you are using the values for the Canvas Data API, including URL, key and shared secret.
  7. Click SAVE.

Your Canvas integration now includes direct communication with Canvas through the Canvas Data API. This allows instructors to select automated regular updates of the grade percentage data  used in the Metric Correlation Graph located on the Analytics tab for a section. The automated updates pulls the Total column value from the Canvas Gradebook of the course linked via LTI to the Echo360 section.

IMPORTANT: The auto-imported grade data may be delayed by 12 to 36 hours, up to 72 hours, per the restrictions noted for the Data API by Canvas.