Changing Target Locations for LMS Links to Echo360

Echo360 allows you to link from the LMS to the main or "home" page for the section, or create one or more links that take students directly into the classrooms for each section.

Once you establish those links, however, you may want to change them, directing students to different classrooms for an assignment or other project (instead of creating multiple links to multiple classrooms if you really only need one).

If you want to change the landing classroom for any given link, you can do so from the Analytics page in Echo360.

To send Echo360 analytics to your LMS Gradebook

  1. Log into the LMS as an instructor and navigate to the Echo360 link. If you have multiple links (such as to classes in a section) it makes no difference which you choose.
  2. Navigate to the Analytics tab for the section in Echo360.
  3. Click Export & Gradebook from the left side of the Analytics tab.
    In the bottom section of the Export page, each link from the LMS into Echo360 is listed.
  4. Hover over the target link you want to change to show the action icons (located to the right of the Metric to export drop-down list).
    Analytics page with LMS links showing and Edit LTI link icon identified
  5. Click the Edit icon (it looks like a pencil).
  6. In the dialog box that appears, select whether you want to change the link to point to the Section Home or to a specific class in the section.
  7. Section Home is selected by default, and if this is appropriate, click Edit.
    Edit LMS link dialog box with section home and specific content radio buttons as described
  8. To edit the link to point to a particular class, select Link to specific content in your section. The Dialog box expands to list all classes in the section.
    Edit LMS Link dialog box with specific content option selected and section classes listed as described
  9. Select the new target class then click EDIT (located at the bottom of the class list).

Notice that the Links to column information has changed to show the new target for the Echo360 link in your LMS. This is identified in the below figure. Students (and instructors) who now click that link in the LMS are taken to the new target classroom (or Section class list) as selected.

You may want to edit the title of the link in your LMS if it included a date or other characteristic that identified the old target.

The analytics you export from this link now apply to student activities performed in the new target classroom.

LMS links showing new target location as described