Adding Echo360 to Canvas as an External App

The instructions below will add Echo360 as an External App in Canvas at the Account level. While you can add the Echo360 App at the Course level, we strongly recommend adding it at the Account level. Adding the app to the Account automatically makes it available for every course configured for the account. It can be removed from individual courses if necessary.

These procedures must be performed by the LMS administrator.

To create an Echo360 App in Canvas

  1. Log in to Canvas as an administrator.
  2. Under Managed Accounts, select the Account that contains the courses that will provide content from Echo360.
  3. From the left side of the screen, select Settings.
  4. Click Apps from the top of the Settings page.
  5. Click Installed, then select the Echo360 Active Learning App.
    Canvas Account Settings page showing installed apps as described
  6. Click Add App (appears below the Echo App when you click it).
  7. In the Add App dialog box, enter a Name for the tool. This can be anything you want but should clearly identify this as the Echo360 application that will provide the content for the Canvas courses.
    Add App dialog box in canvas for Echo360 ALP as described
  8. Copy and paste the following fields from the Canvas LMS configuration in Echo360. Be sure there are no leading spaces or characters:  
  9. When finished, click Add App.

If you add the app at the Account level, all courses configured for the account will have the App listed on the left and available for use.

IMPORTANT: You can leave the Echo360 link on the left navigation for all courses, however if Instructors want to export Echho360 Analytics to their Canvas gradebook, the link must be added as an Assignment to each course, then removed from the left navigation. ONLY STUDENT ACCESS THROUGH ASSIGNMENTS can be logged in the Canvas gradebook. While Echo360 retains all student participation information, Canvas will only show participation through the Assignments link.