Add Echo360 as an external LTI tool in Blackboard

The instructions below will add Echo360 as an LTI tool provider in Blackboard.

These procedures must be performed by the LMS Administrator.

To configure Echo360 as an LTI Provider building block

  1. Log in to Blackboard as a system administrator.
  2. Select System Admin from the top menu, then select Building Blocks (located logically enough in the Building Blocks group).
  3. Select LTI Tool Providers.
  4. Select Register Provider Domain.
    LTI Tool Providers page with navigation to the page identified
  5. In the Provider Domain Status section of the page, enter the Echo360 URL into the Provider Domain field as follows:  
  6. In the Default Configuration section of the page, do the following:  (see also the best practice note below)
  7. In the Institution Policies section of the screen, do the following:   
  8. Click Submit.

The Echo360 Provider Domain is now an LTI Provider Tool and can be "placed" for selection and linking into Courses as needed.

BEST PRACTICE: Selecting and copying the values between Echo360 and the LMS can be difficult, and can be prone to not selecting the full value. To select the full value of an LMS field, do the following:
1) Use your mouse to select a portion of the field values.
2) Press Ctrl+A / Command+A to "select all" of the field.
3) Press Ctrl+C / Command + C to copy the selected value.
4) Paste the value into the corresponding field in the LMS LTI External Tool configuration.