Adding the Echo360 Tool to Blackboard Courses

In order for students to access the Echo360 content for a course, a Content link to the Echo360 external tool must be added to each course. In order for student participation to be sent to the Results Center, the Echo360 tool must be added through the Assessments menu on the Content page.

Who can do this? A Blackboard Admin can do this for all courses, or an Instructor can do this for their own courses. 

Handy Tip: At the bottom of this page is a procedure for adding the Echo360 Link to the left navigation. This may be more convenient than requiring students/instructors to click Content then click the Echo360 link.

To add the Echo360 LTI tool link to courses

  1. Log in to Blackboard as an administrator OR instructor.
  2. Navigate to a course.
  3. Click Content from the selections on the left of the screen.
  4. Click Assessments, then select the Echo360 LTI tool placement.
    Blackboard course content showing Assessments options and Echo LTI tool identified
  5. In the Create [name of tool] page, enter a Name that makes it clear this is the link for Echo360 class content.
    This Name will be the text of the link that users will click to access their Echo360 content.
  6. You may also want to add a Description, to make it clear this is the link to Echo360 classroom content. This is optional.
  7. For Enable Evaluation, select Yes and configure the following fields:
  8. Configure the Options as necessary, being sure that Permit Users to View this Content is set to Yes. The other fields are not salient to Echo360.
  9. Click Submit. The link should now appear (with the given name) in the Content page.
    Course Content page in Blackboard showing link to ALP

Once the Echo360 LTI tool is available to users, instructors (or administrators) can link Blackboard courses to the corresponding sections in Echo360.  BE ADVISED that until the course-section link is established, students will see a message indicating that the section has not yet been activated.

Creating a Link to Echo360 in the left navigation

If users are accustomed to accessing the Echo360 link via the Content section of the course, and are having no problems opening Echo360 within the Blackboard frames, the below steps are not necessary. However, some students will find it easier to find the Echo360 content if a link to it is more obvious. In addition, the Safari browser has exhibited some issues when trying to open Echo360 sections and content within the Blackboard frames.

Creating a separate/directional Link to the Echo360 content allows users to open the Echo360 content in a new tab or window, which both provides more space for the Echo360 media, as well as avoids the issues with Safari not wanting to open Echo360 within a frame.

To configure a left-navigation link to the Echo360 assessments tool link

  1. Log into Blackboard as an administrator or an instructor.
  2. Navigate to the course where you want to add the left-navigation link.
  3. Click the Plus sign (+) located above the Course navigation list, and select Course Link from the menu.
    Blackboard course page with add course navigation menu shown for steps as described
  4. From the Add Course Link dialog box that appears, select Browse next to the Location text box.
    Add Course Link dialog box for steps as described
    A popup box appears showing all of the course links available to select.
  5. If necessary, expand the Content folder to show the Echo360 Assessments link created using the instructions at the top of this page.
  6. Click the Echo360 content item listed there.
    Select course link dialog box for steps as describeed
  7. Edit the Name of the course link if necessary (this is the text that will appear for the link in the left navigation).
  8. Enable the Available to Users checkbox.
  9. Click Submit.

The link you created now appears in the left navigation for the course, as shown in the figure below. This allows users to navigate directly to the Echo360 section from the Course home page.

IN ADDITION, we strongly recommend users right-click this link to open Echo360 in a new tab/window. The primary reason for this is to alleviate issues reported by Safari users, where the browser is not opening Echo360 classes inside LMS frames. As an added bonus, opening Echo360 in a new tab/window provides more screen area for viewing and navigating through the Echo360 classroom media.

Blackboard course navigation showing newly created link to ALP