Sending Analytics to your LMS Gradebook

If you are accessing your Echo360 classes through an LMS, you can send your course analytic information to your LMS gradebook. The instructions below provide steps for the Echo360 export.

For details on how the data is calculated, see Defining Exported Gradebook Analytic Data.

To send analytics to LMS gradebook

  1. Navigate to the Class List page for the course (click ALL CLASSES from the DASHBOARD or select the course from the COURSES drop-down list on the main menu).
  2. Click the ANALYTICS tab, then click Export.
    analytics export page no classes selected
    Notice that the SEND TO GRADEBOOK button is disabled. You must select one or more classes from the list to tell the system which class data to send.
  3. Click on the metric you want to send to the LMS. Options are:  
  4. Use the checkboxes to the left of each class to select to send student analytic information for that class to the LMS gradebook. Use the Select all or Unselect all links at the top of the list to bulk select/deselect classes.
    Export analytics page with metrics and classes and selection options identified

The student data for the metric and classes you selected should now appear in your LMS gradebook, in its own column. If it does not, you or your administrator may need to configure one or more settings in the LMS/LTI configuration tool with Echo360.

NOTE: Because Echo360 can only write to the single gradebook column, each export to your LMS gradebook overwrites the previous export.