Comparing Imported Canvas Grades with Echo360 Analytics

NOTE: This feature is only available for institutions where Canvas Data API integration has been enabled. This feature is currently in selected beta testing. If you are interested in this feature, tell your system administrator and ask them to contact Echo360 for more information. See also Comparing Class Grades to Engagement Metrics.

As an instructor, the Engagement metrics for student interactions are useful for knowing how involved each student is. However, it is more useful if you can compare those metrics to the grades actually being received by each student in your class. This comparison can help you determine exactly what types of interaction translate to student success.

Echo360 allows you to set automatic imports of the Canvas Final Grade value into the Metric Correlation Graph, so that you can compare how the overall student grades compare with their classroom engagement or other selected Echo360 metric.

Engagement metric correllation graph showing imported LMS values with selected metric

In the above figure, student grades have been imported from Canvas, and the graph shows the correlation between the Engagement score and the course grade provided by the automated import.  Selecting a point on the graph shows the details for that student to the right of the graph, also shown in the above figure.

NOTE: The value imported from Canvas is the value located in the Total column of the gradebook for each student.
In addition, the first import may take anywhere from 24-36 hours to complete, and after that may have a similar delay from the time the value is updated in Canvas to the time the value appears in Echo360. This is a limitation of the Canvas API used to pass the data to Echo360.

See What do the analytics mean? for a detailed description of each of the metrics and what it tracks. See also Defining Engagement Scores for more information on setting your engagement preferences, to more accurately track what kind of student interaction is important to you (as total defined engagement).

To automate grade imports from Canvas

  1. Navigate to the Class List page for the course.
  2. Click the ANALYTICS tab, then select Engagement as indicated by the arrows in the above figure.
  3. From the Metric Correlation Graph section at the bottom of the page, click MANAGE GRADES.
    A dialog box appears, allowing you to choose whether to upload grades via a CSV file, or to set automatic import of grades from your Canvas gradebook.
    Manage grades dialog box with upload and import options for steps as described
  4. Select the Use imported grades from canvas option.
    If you want to upload grades into the chart, enable the Use manually uploaded grades option, then follow the steps located in Comparing Class Grades to Engagement Metrics. You can upload grades for immediate review, then select to import grades automatically for future comparisons.
  5. Click OK.

As noted above, as well as in the Manage Grades dialog box, there may be a delay of 24-36, possibly as long as 72 hours, before the grade values appear (or are updated) in Echo360. However, once you set the graph to automatically import grades from your Canvas gradebook, the data is updated as regularly as the Canvas API is able to pass new values to Echo360.  

You can both import and upload grade values as often as you like, but the graph only shows the most recently uploaded/imported data.

Once grades are populated for the students, you can:

You are also encouraged to read What do the analytics mean? to become comfortable with the details each metric tracks. That will help you use each more accurately for comparing against the overall course grade given to each student.