Editing Availability Settings for Published Content

Once your content, including both presentations and video, is associated with a class (published), you can make it available or unavailable at a schedule you choose.

To edit availability settings

  1. On the DASHBOARD, find the course containing the class you want and click ALL CLASSES.
    The class list page appears.
  2. Click the content icon to show a menu of options for that content.
    Class list page showing content icon menu as described
  3. Select Availability settings.
    The Edit availability options dialog box appears.
    edit availability options dialog box for steps as described
  4. Configure the following availability options:
  5. If appropriate, configure the following unavailability options:
  6. When finished, click UPDATE.

The content icon will appear gray (gray presentation icon indicating media not availble for student viewing) when the media is not available to students, and green (Presentation available icon) when students can view the item.