Adding a Video to a Class

A video can be the recorded capture of a past class, an instructional video in a flipped class, or any other video that you want to share with students.

Once added, you can make it available or unavailable, or set an availability schedule, allowing the item to be viewed beginning on a certain date and/or for a set period of time.

NOTE: Each class can contain ONE video. The effects of this are as follows:
 -- You cannot add videos to classes that are generated by scheduling captures for the section. The video slot for those classes is reserved for the lecture capture.
 -- You can replace an existing video with a new one, but all associated data, analytics, notes, etc., for the original video are removed.  The content remains in your library.
If you need to provide multiple videos for a particular class, create a new class with the same date or title to contain the video.

To add a video to a class

  1. On the DASHBOARD, find the course containing the class you want and click ALL CLASSES.
    The icons (video Available Video icon or presentation Presentation available icon ) on the right side of a class entry, regardless of color, indicate what content already exists for the class.
  2. If the class does not yet include a video, click the plus icon (Plus icon for adding content to a class as described).
    Class list page with hover over add video icon showing
  3. If the class contains no content yet, select Add video from the menu that appears.
    Class List showing Add content icon with drop-down options for steps as described
  4. From the Add a video dialog box, select Upload a file or Import from your Library.
    Add a video page

The selected video content now appears in the class. If you uploaded a video, it will need to finish processing before you or students can view it in the classroom.

TIP: After adding the video, add tags to it so that you can easily find it later in your library. Click the video icon in the class content list, then select Edit details from the menu that appears. Enter tags in the Tags box.