Reordering Classes

By default, classes in the Class List are listed by date and time, with the oldest class appearing at the top and classes without dates appearing at the bottom of the class list.  

Instructors can change the order of their class list, as needed, to more accurately reflect the order in which you want students to view the material, or to group similar classes together.

Reordering the classes simply changes the order in which they appear in the class list; it does not change any other aspect of the classes (date, time, name, etc.).  You may, however, want to change some class details, to reflect its change in class list-location, or your purpose for moving it.

To edit the details of a class, click the chevron located to the right of a class row and select Edit Details. See Editing Class Details for additional information if needed.

To change the order of classes in the class list

  1. Log into Echo360 and find the section whose classes you want to change.
  2. Click All Classes to open the section Classes page
  3. Hover over a class to show the "drag handle" located to the left of the class name and shown in the below figure.
    Class list with reordering drag handle icon shown for steps as described
  4. Click and drag the icon to move the class to its new location. Notice that the pointer turns into directional cross-hairs while it is clicked.
  5. Repeat as necessary.

Students coming to the class list page will now see the classes in their new order.