Reordering and Grouping Classes

By default, classes in the Class List are listed by date and time, with the oldest class appearing at the top and classes without dates appearing at the bottom of the class list.  

Instructors can change the order of their class list to:

Sorting by "oldest" moves all classes and groups that do not have dates/times to the top of the list. Sorting by "newest" moves non-dated classes and groups to the bottom of the list. If necessary you can edit the details of a class or group to change or remove the date/time, and/or change the name of the item.

The changes you make to the class list order is the Default order shown to students. Students can temporarily sort their view of the class list (oldest/newest) but the Instructor's set order for classes is what appears by default and on refresh for students.

To change the order of the class list

  1. Log into Echo360 and find the section whose classes you want to change.
  2. Click All Classes to open the section Class List page.
  3. Above the class list on the left, click REORDER.
    This opens an ordering edit mode for the class list.
    class list showing reorder button as described
  4. To sort the class list chronologically, click one of the Sort By options.
    When sorting by Oldest first, all classes or groups with no date/time appear at the top of the list, as shown in the below figure.
    Class list with sort options identified and sorted by oldest first as described
  5. To manually move items to different locations, click and drag any class or group in the list to it's new location. Use the arrow button to the left of a group to expand the group and move classes from within the group.
    Class list in reordering mode showing mouse to click on class and drag as described
  6. To move a class into a group, drag a class to the group row and release it.
  7. To move a class OUT of a group, drag the class out of the group and release it.
  8. ALTERNATELY, use the up and down arrows that appear on the right side of the class/group rows to move the item up and down in the list.
  9. Repeat any of these steps as necessary.
  10. When finished, click SAVE.

Students coming to the class list page will now see the classes in their new order. They still have the option to temporarily sort their view by newest or oldest class, but on refresh and by default all students (and other instructors) see the order you set.