Creating an Image Quiz Activity

You can add image quiz activities to a presentation by uploading an image, entering a question, and then marking the solution. When students interact with you during a lecture, they indicate the correct answer to your question by clicking the image.

To create an image quiz activity

  1. Open the presentation to which you want to add an image quiz activity in one of the following ways:
    All of the presentation's slides appear.
    Presentation slides
  3. Click ADD ACTIVITY.
    Activity options appear.
    Activity options
  4. Select the Image quiz option.
    Image quiz activity
  5. Enter the Question. You can enter up to 1000 characters.
  6. Click CHOOSE IMAGE, and select the image to use.
    The image appears in the window.
    Image solution
  7. Click MARK SOLUTION to outline the area on the image that is the solution to the question.
  8. If appropriate, enable the Require justification checkbox. This requires students to enter a justification for their response.
  9. Click DONE.