Creating a Numerical Activity

You can add numerical activities to a presentation. Students indicate the correct answer by entering the correct value or the correct range of values.

To create a numerical activity

  1. Open the presentation to which you want to add a numerical activity in one of the following ways:
    All of the presentation's slides appear.
    Presentation slides
  3. Click ADD ACTIVITY.
    Activity options appear.
    Activity options
  4. Select the Numerical option.
    Numerical activity window
  5. Enter the Question. You can enter up to 1000 characters.
  6. Enter a value or a range of acceptable values.
  7. If you want students to elaborate on their answer(s), click Require justification.
    NOTE: Requiring justifications will preclude students from being able to respond via SMS; activities that require justification must be answered via the Echo360 Web UI.
  8. Click DONE.