Getting Instructors Started

This guide helps you use Echo360 to enhance the learning moment whether it happens before, during, or after class.

To get started, your administrator must create an Echo360 user account for you. Complete your registration by following the link in the email you receive.

When you log in to Echo360, you see the DASHBOARD and can start working with your course material and engaging your students.

REMINDER: Instructors and students may already be populated in your courses based on LMS integration. Or you may create and/or link your Echo360 courses to your LMS yourself.
If you're not sure, contact your administrator for more information about the LMS integration at your institution.

When you first set up a course in Echo360, your administrator must add you to the course. You can then add students to the course.

Typical Workflow for an Instructor

Here is a high-level summary of how to start using Echo360 as an instructor: