Understanding the Instructor's Class List

When you navigate to a particular course, the Classes tab for the course appears by default. This is typically referred to as the class list page, and logically, lists all of the classes for that course/section.

To open the Class List page:

The course appears with the Classes tab active. The class list provides access to the class-related functionality described here.

The below image shows a class list containing classes created by a capture schedule as well as a group created by the instructor to hold classes with similar topics. See Working with Classes and Groups for additional information on editing your section's class list.

Instructor class list showing classes and a group containing classes

Classes whose text is grayed out are future classes; classes in black have already happened (or have no date/time).  You can publish content to any class (past or future) as long as the media  slot is available. The differentiation in color is simply to identify those classes that have not yet occurred.

Class List functionality is as follows:

NOTE: Deleting a class also deletes all student notes, bookmarks, Q&A and analytic data for the class. The media contained in the class still resides in your LIBRARY page but will need to be published again for students to view it.


See which classes will be streamed LIVE. If your classes will be streamed live and in real-time, a LIVE badge appears next to the Class Name.

Note that a green dot always indicates a class happening at the moment. Only classes with a LIVE badge are captured and streamed in real-time to class participants.

Click on a Content Icon to open a menu with commands for that media, such as view, edit presentation, edit availability settings, remove, etc. See Working with Class Content for additional topics and information.

Select View from the Content Icon menu to enter the classroom with that content item maximized and in focus.

Click a PLUS icon (Plus icon for adding content to a class as described) to add content to the class. You can add ONE video and/or ONE presentation to each class. If you have additional content you want to publish to the course, create a new class to hold the content.

Click the Conversation Bubble icon (Q&A icon) to open the Q&A tab and view the questions and responses posted for the class. The number to the right of the icon indicates how many questions have been posted for that class.