Getting Instructors Started

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Initial Account Setup

If your institution uses an LMS (Learning Management System) such as Canvas, Blackboard, or Moodle, it is likely your account was created automatically when you first accessed Echo360 through the LMS interface. There is no need to register your account with Echo360 because Echo trusts your LMS to authorize you, and simply passes us your name and email address.

If your institution does NOT use an LMS and you access Echo360 directly through, your administrator will create an Echo360 user account for you, generating a registration email. Complete your registration by following the link in the email to establish your Echo360 password. Your username is the email address to which the registration email was sent.

Every Institution Does it Differently: Instructors and students may already be populated in your courses based on LMS integration. Or you may create and/or link your Echo360 courses to your LMS yourself. If you're not sure, contact your administrator for more information about the LMS integration at your institution.