Using the PowerPoint Ribbon Add-on

Added Benefit to the Ribbon: If you use a PowerPoint plug-in (such as ChemDraw) to generate equations, molecular drawings, or other items for your PowerPoint presentation, you may find these being stripped or otherwise altered when you upload the file through the Echo360 UI. Publishing through the PowerPoint Ribbon add-on retains plug-in content in the presentation. Alternately, you can convert the PPT to PDF and upload the PDF instead.

The Echo360 PowerPoint Ribbon add-on is a Windows-only add-on available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office 2010, Office 2013, and Office 2016. See Installing the PowerPoint Ribbon Add-on for information on installing the ribbon.

Once installed, the Echo360 PowerPoint add-on appears as a new tab in your PowerPoint ribbon, and provides Echo360-related functionality for your slide decks.

powerpoint ribbon on first open with commands as described

Click Sign In, located on the far left side of the ribbon. This establishes a link between you, your PowerPoint installation, and your sections in Echo360.

If you access Echo360 through an LMS or other authentication system, you will need to establish a separate Echo360 password. Click the Settings icon and select Account Settings. Then click CREATE PASSWORD. Your Echo360 password can be the same or different from your LMS or Institution password and is used exclusively for direct login to Echo360. A direct Echo360 login is required by the PowerPoint add-on, the Mobile app, and Personal Capture publishing.

The Log in dialog box, shown below, allows you to select your region, and enter your Echo360 Username and Password.

Powerpoint ribbon log in to ALP dialog box

If you are assigned to multiple institutions, you are asked to select which institution you are developing materials for during this session.

Select institution drop down list for users as described

Once logged in, open a presentation. The features of the ribbon are now available to you. These are described in more detail below.

Powerpoint ribbon after sign-in before publishing

From left to right, the PowerPoint ribbon information and commands are: