Uploading a Slide to a Presentation

You can upload a slide from your computer or popular cloud storage options such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive into a presentation.

To upload a slide to a presentation

  1. Open the presentation in one of the following ways:
    All of the slides of the presentation appear.
    Presentation slides
  3. Click ADD SLIDES.
    The options for adding a slide appear.
    Options for adding slides (upload slides, import from library, create a media slide, and create a blank slide)
  4. Select Upload slides.
  5. In the FilePicker window, click Choose File and navigate to your content on a computer or by connecting to a cloud storage option.
    The selected file is processed and each page of it appears at the bottom of the editing window.
  6. Select the pages/slides you want to add to your current presentation.