Importing a Slide to a Presentation

Once you upload or create a slide in Echo360, you can import it to one or more presentations.

To import a slide to a presentation

  1. Open the presentation in one of the following ways:
    All of the slides of the presentation appear.
    Presentation slides
  3. Click ADD SLIDES.
    The options for adding a slide appear.
    Options for adding slides (upload slides, import from library, create a media slide, and create a blank slide)
  4. Choose Import from Library.
    The Select content from your library window appears.
    Select content from your library
  5. Select the slides to import into this class. If you cannot find the slide you are looking for, enter tags into the search field. You must have added tags to the slide to use them as search terms here.
  6. Click DONE.
    The imported slides appear in the class.
    Slides in class