Viewing Live Classes (Instructors)

Some institutions may configure your classes to be viewed by students in real-time, while you are teaching them. These are called LIVE classes. Teaching a class being broadcast live should be the same as teaching one that is being recorded, except that you may have fewer students IN the classroom because they can watch you remotely.

Watching a live class as an instructor is nearly the same as watching it as a student. However student comments, questions, and discussions being entered during the class can be responded to in real-time. For this reason, you may want to have a teaching assistant or ace student or other minion monitor the Questions panel for questions or comments from students, and either answer them on the fly, or pass them on to you to address during class as appropriate.

To access a live class:

  1. Navigate to the Class List page (click ALL CLASSES from the DASHBOARD) and scroll to the current date.
    The live class appears with a LIVE badge next to the class name. If the class is happening now, the LIVE badge is green and there is a green dot to the left of the class name, as shown in the below figure.
    instructor class list with live class and go to classroom button identified

  2. Click on the class row to enter the classroom.
  3. Since Live streams will not autoplay, click Show Live Stream to see the stream. You can hide the stream at any time if necessary.

If you or an assistant instructor in the class, you may want to open the Questions panel to monitor any discussion students are having about the live streamed class.  All entries and responses are retained for the class and will appear on the Q&A tab, as well as in the Questions panel when viewing the recording of this class later.

Click the Questions button to close the panel if you need to.

The bottom of the classroom viewer has a playbar that shows you the elapsed time and view control buttons to the right of the playbar. The video icons let you select which visual input to focus on in the viewer (if there is more than one).

The classroom toolbar also appears when you hover your mouse over the playbar area of the classroom, allowing you navigate out of the classroom and close or open the Questions panel to monitor classroom discussions.