Using Classroom Tools

When you share content in the classroom, you can engage in discussion with students and monitor their confusion with the slide.

instructor presentation with left navigation and bottom navigation showing

The following tools are available to you.



class navigation icon in presentation toolbar

Opens a panel that allows you to switch directly to a different classroom to view or present other material, or to Exit this classroom and return to the Class List page.

Q&A button

Opens the Question panel on the right, allowing you to view any questions the students may have entered about this presentation. See Monitor discussion.

NOTE: Some institutions disable the Q&A functionality; if you do not see the Questions button, check with your help desk to see if this is the case with your institution.

Confusion button

Allows you to view the locations flagged by students as unclear or confusing. Confusion flags are also listed with the Course Analytics, along with links to the presentation locations that were flagged.

Slide forward and back buttons

Progress through slides.

Full screen button

Go to full screen.