Preparing for Section Cloning

Summary of the information in this topic - read below this note for more details:
If you (or an administrator) are cloning a section that has both scheduled classes and manually created classes (to hold supplemental content or an impromptu lecture), move the supplemental classes to the bottom of your class list PRIOR to cloning.
This ONLY applies if you are cloning classes from a scheduled pattern into a scheduled pattern for the new term (such as MWF).  See section cloning options for more details on cloning options.
Moving the manually created/additional classes to the bottom ensures that the existing scheduled class dates/times line up with the new class dates/times. After the clone is complete, you can manually reorder the class list to move the supplemental classes to their proper location in the list.


As an instructor, you may be the person who clones your section for the next term, or this may fall as an administrator's responsibility. Regardless of who does the cloning, only instructors can edit class details and perform the tasks that will help make section cloning a smoother process and reduce post-cloning cleanup tasks.

If you have not yet, please review the information on section cloning options. If you're not familiar at all with section cloning, review the entire topic. The options for cloning are to copy all of a section's classes, in their current order but without a date or time, OR to copy the classes into an established pattern, such as three days a week, beginning on X date.

If the cloned section will be done without dates/times, then no preparation is necessary unless you want to edit the class names or reorder the classes. Only the class names and their content is copied to the new section, in their current order.

If the cloned section is to follow a class pattern, the classes will be copied, with the first class date/time stamped with the identified start date and time, the second class stamped with the next date in the weekly pattern, and so on. This continues until all of the classes are copied OR the term's end date is reached. If there are more classes to be cloned after the end date is reached based on the pattern, then the remaining classes are copied with NO date/time.

If the existing section only has classes that fall on dates/times in the same pattern as the new section, there may also be no preparation necessary for cloning. For example, the fall offering of Accounting 101 was taught MWF at 10 am, and the spring offering of Accounting 101 will also be taught MWF at 2pm, and the only classes in the section are the lecture classes. In this case it is likely that the classes will correspond exactly as they are supposed to, falling on the appropriate dates/times. If there is a difference in the number of classes between the two terms, there may be a few classes that need to be edited or reordered after cloning.

However, if you have manually created classes to hold additional content for a scheduled class, and that class appears in your class list next to the class it is associated with, when the section is cloned, these extra classes will throw off the "pattern" for classes. Furthermore, there will likely be more classes for the pattern than there are term dates to hold them. Meaning the cloned section will have is a series of date/time stamped classes that do not line up with actual lectures, and a series of un-dated classes that correspond with lecture classes late in the term.

To avoid having to go back and re-date a large set of classes to correspond with actual lectures and their associated content, the recommendation is to reorder your class list prior to cloning, and move all of your manually-created classes to the bottom of the class list. This way, the classes that correspond with lectures are put in the order you would expect, and the manually created classes do not interfere with that pattern.

After cloning, you can reorder the classes in the new section, moving the supplemental classes back to their desired location, next to the classes they support.

TIP: Classes created by a capture schedule typically all have the same name, unless you have edited it. This may help you identify which classes correspond with a lecture schedule and which were manually created for the section.

To edit the details of a class, click the chevron located to the right of a class row and select Edit Details. This allows you to change the name, description, or date/time/duration of a class. See Editing Class Details for additional information if needed.

To change the order of classes in the class list

  1. Log into Echo360 and find the section whose classes you want to change.
  2. Click All Classes to open the section Classes page
  3. Hover over a class to show the "drag handle" located to the left of the class name and shown in the below figure.
    Class list with reordering drag handle icon shown for steps as described
  4. Click and drag the icon to move the class to its new location. Notice that the pointer turns into directional cross-hairs while it is clicked.
  5. Repeat as necessary.