Preparing for a Class

Prepare for future classes starting from the class list. Classes exist as a container to hold class content, such as classroom captures, or videos and presentations you may upload separately.

The Class List (the Classes tab for a course) shows all classes created for the course. From this page you can access the lecture captures, videos, and presentations added to each class, see whether that content is available to students, and find out if anyone has posted any new questions.

If you have content to add that is not associated with an existing class, or is a second presentation or video for an existing class, you may need to create a class manually.

To prepare for a class

  1. On the DASHBOARD, find the course containing a class you need to prepare for.
    Class details with Prepare button
  2. Click PREPARE.
    The class list appears, showing all of the classes you have added to the course along with any classes created for scheduled lecture captures (performed by an Echo360 admin).
    class list page for the course

  3. Prepare for the class by doing any of the following tasks: