Inviting Students to a Course

You can invite students to a course so that they can participate in activities and share content with instructors and each other. Students must accept the invitation to proceed.

Note that for students to be able to respond to interactive activities and in-class quizzes via SMS, they must both have their mobile number entered in their account profile AND be registered for the course section.

To invite students to a course

  1. On the DASHBOARD, find the course containing the class you want to invite instructors to.
  2. In that course, click ALL CLASSES.
    The class list appears.
    Instructor view of Class list page for course
  3. Click the SETTINGS tab.
  4. Select Students from the Course Settings options on the left.
  5. Enter student email addresses (separate multiple addresses with commas).
    course settings tab showing student list and options for inviting students as described
  6. Click ADD.
    The student's email address appears in the list of students for the course.

    ALTERNATELY, you can click IMPORT to upload a CSV file of student email addresses and names. Format the CSV file with header columns in the following order: Email Address, Last Name, First Name.
    Best Practice is to download a sample .csv file and replace the sample data.

  7. To resend an invite to a student whose status is Not yet joined, click a checkmark in the box for one or more students, then click Resend invitation.  

If the invited student is not a registered user, they will receive an email invitation to complete Echo360 registration.  If the student already exists as an Echo360 user, they will receive an email regarding their addition to your course.