Enable or Disable Delegated Administration

To allow for distributed responsibilities for managing different items within the system, Echo360 allows you to turn on Delegated Administration for the institution.  Delegated administration effectively allows or restricts access to objects and features based on their association with a level in the hierarchy. Meaning that an Admin who is given rights to only Department X and Y can enable or disable features for those departments, and create, edit, or delete courses, sections, and section schedules for only those courses associated with those departments.

Delegated Administration is OFF by default, and even once toggled on, provides institution-level access for all Admin-role users in the system. To restrict admin access for a user, you must disable their institution-level access first, which removes all lower-level access. Then you can explicitly enable access to the appropriate organizations and/or departments.

See Using Delegated Administration for detailed instructions.

Future Admin users must be given explicit administrative privileges to the hierarchy. If Delegated Admin is turned on, all existing admin users have institution-level access until restricted. However all NEW admin users have NO administrative access given for any level. You must explicitly provide administrative privileges at the appropriate hierarchical nodes/levels. If you do not, those users will not be able to see courses, sections, or captures.

Once enabled, if you disable the toggle, all administrators are once again given institution-level access to all objects. However, if you explicitly set access restrictions, those are retained and are re-enforced if toggled back on again in the future.

To enable Delegated Administration

  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. From the Settings menu, select Institution Settings.
    The Institution appears at the top of the list and is selected by default.
  4. On the right side of the Institution Settings page, click Features.
  5. Under Features, enable the Delegated Administration switch (it is disabled by default).
  6. READ the confirmation message that appears, so you understand the impacts of the change.
  7. If appropriate, click Yes.

When the Institution page refreshes, you should now see an Administrators tab in the right panel. To configure administrative access for users, click Administrators, then check or uncheck users at each level (Institution, Organization, Department) as needed.  See Using Delegated Administration for details.