Device Monitor Overview - Administrators

If using the Delcom light with the Echo360 POD or Echo360 PRO appliance, see the section below for additional information.

In the Echo360-speak, the term Device Monitor refers both to a small light attached to a classroom PC, as well as to the software that makes the light work with our system. The light is also sometimes referred to as a "puck-light".

This light has two functions:

Strictly speaking, however, the Device Monitor is actually the software. It is a Windows-only application designed to work with the Delcom USB HID Visual Signal Indicator (the formal name of the light). The Device Monitor software provides communication between the light and the capture appliance (SCHD, Echo360 PRO, Echo360 POD or a CCAP installation).

The Delcom USB Visual Signal Indicator is a small light that attaches via USB port to a classroom PC. It is available from Delcom Products, product number 904007-SB:

Together, these products provide a visual confidence monitor to instructors and students on the state of a capture device while recording. The Device Monitor software also allows users to pre-configure logins and section selections so that instructors can quickly initiate an ad hoc recording without needing to log into the device and use the device interface.

The Echo360 Device Monitor 1.9.4 is available through the Echo360 Customer Portal at:

VERY IMPORTANT!! The PC must be on and a user must be logged in for the Device Monitor to work. While it does run in the background, it does not run as a service.

Using the Delcom light with the POD or PRO appliance

As stated above, the device monitor software is the product that controls communication between the light and the capture appliance. When using the Delcom light through a PC where the device monitor software is installed, the available functionality as described in these help topics is the same regardless of the type of capture appliance being controlled.

In fact, when using the light with an SCHD, the light MUST be plugged into a PC with the software installed; you cannot plug the device directly into an SCHD.

You can, however, plug the light directly into an Echo360 PRO or an Echo360 POD device, and it will provide basic capture control as well as capture status monitoring. But when bypassing the software, there are limitations to the functionality available.

If your Delcom light is plugged directly into a USB port of an Echo360 PRO or Echo360 POD device:

Once again, if you need full functional control of captures via the Delcom light, plug the light into a PC and install the device monitor software.