Selecting Inputs for Classroom Capture Ad hoc Recordings

Classroom Capture allows you to record up to three inputs, as follows:

Use the input drop-down lists, located on the left side of the screen, to select the inputs you want to use. Choose None Selected if applicable to that input.

You MUST have Audio input: You cannot choose None Selected for audio input; audio is a required configuration. You can use the internal microphone, an externally-attached microphone, or a camera's microphone if the external camera has one.

After you select the appropriate inputs, check the preview of those inputs shown on the screen. Each are identified in the following figure and described below the figure.

CCAP window with capture input previews marked as described

Microphone Input: The Audio preview is a colored "sound level" indicator bar across the top of the preview panes. Make some noise to be sure the microphone is active, and be sure the audio level on the bar changes. If you do NOT see this bar changing as sounds are made, check your microphone connection and functionality. If the sound bar on the screen is not registering sounds, your capture may not have audio.

Display or Second Video: This preview appears on the left side of the preview pane. By default, this selection captures the primary computer screen display.  You can select a second video input if there are multiple cameras available to select and the Primary Video selection has been made. To capture only primary video with audio, choose None Selected from the drop-down list. The display preview no longer appears.

Primary Video: The primary video input appears on the right side of the preview pane. If you are not capturing video, choose None Selected. The video preview no longer appears and the preview pane shows only the Display preview (if one is selected).