Controlling Classroom Capture Recordings

You can pause, resume, or stop any Classroom Capture (CCAP) recordings, either ad hoc or scheduled. You can also start a scheduled capture early, or add time to a currently recording capture.

What if the capture or the input is interrupted? If there is an interruption in the capture, such as a power loss, logging out, restarting the computer, device becomes unplugged,etc., CCAP handles these interruptions, showing a popup notification letting you know there has been a problem. Details about how CCAP deals with these are covered in How Classroom Capture Handles Input Interruptions.

To start a scheduled capture early

  1. Click the Windows taskbar icon to open the CCAP window.
    Five minutes before the scheduled capture is slated to start, the CCAP window indicates a pending capture, and includes a Start now button for the upcoming capture.
    CCAP window showing upcoming capture with start now button as described
  2. Click Start now. A five-second countdown appears, after which the CCAP window minimizes and the capture begins.

To add time to a scheduled capture

  1. Click the Windows taskbar icon to open the CCAP window.
    The time remaining in the capture schedule is shown below the preview panes.
  2. To add time to the capture, click Add 10 minutes.

NOTE: You cannot extend a capture into the next scheduled capture. The Time Remaining may increase by 10 minute increments, but the capture will stop several minutes before the next scheduled capture (to allow the system to complete pre-roll for the next capture).

CCAP window while recording showing pause and stop buttons as described


To pause, resume or stop a capture

  1. Click the Windows taskbar icon to open the CCAP window.
  2. From there, click Stop, Pause, or Resume as needed.


To use keyboard shortcuts to control a capture

If you forget these shortcuts, they are also noted in the right-click and Start menus shown below.

To use the Windows taskbar icon to control a capture

  1. Right-click the CCAP Windows taskbar icon
  2. Select the appropriate command from the shortcut menu.
    CCAP taskbar icon right-click menu as described


To use the Windows Start menu to control a capture

  1. Click the Windows Start menu.
  2. Hover over the Classroom Capture option to show the commands.
  3. Select an appropriate control option.
    Start Menu showing CCAP program command options as described