Selecting Output Quality for Classroom Capture Ad hoc Recordings

The output selection drop-down list is located on the right side of the screen, above the preview panes. This allows you to determine the resolution of the video and display of the capture, which in turn determines the size of the capture files uploaded to the server and subsequently viewed or downloaded by students.

CCAP output selections menu open showing options as described

The selections available are as follows:

Good Quality/Smaller Files - This creates a capture with slightly lower resolution video and display. The lower resolution keeps the final file size to a minimum. This is a good choice if you or your students have bandwidth issues that may cause larger file uploads or capture playback to fail.

Better Quality/Medium Files - This is the default setting. It generates a capture with standard resolution video and display. This setting creates medium sized files for the recording. This setting is probably sufficient for playback on most devices.

High Quality/Larger Files - This setting creates high-definition resolution for video and display. Consequently this setting also creates very large files for these captures.

Use this setting ONLY if you have visual details in the display or video of the capture that requires students to see the recording in very high resolution. Otherwise this setting should be used sparingly, due to the time required to upload and process the completed capture. In addition, this setting uses significant computer resources; if the classroom PC cannot process a high quality capture properly, your capture may be blank. If you DO need to use the High Quality setting, run a test capture first, to be sure it will work.