Classroom Capture Indicator in Windows Taskbar

When the program is open, the Classroom Capture icon in the Windows taskbar shows the status of the recording.

For example, the below figure shows the taskbar icon with a red dot, indicating that Classroom Capture is currently recording.

CCAP icon in the windows taskbar with red dot indicating that capture is recording

Pausing the capture changes the taskbar icon to show a pause symbol, as shown in the below figure.

CCAP icon in windows taskbar showing recording is paused

If there is a Device Monitor light installed on the podium PC, it will also indicate the current status of the capture.

Do not use "small icons" on the Taskbar

If you are not seeing the capture status indicated in the Windows taskbar as described here, right-click the taskbar and check the taskbar Properties.

Be sure the Use small icons checkbox is NOT checked, as shown in the below figure. Small icons do not allow for the "overlay" graphics (pause sign or red dot) that Echo uses for the status indicator.

windows taskbar properties dialog box with Use small icons option identified and unchecked