Installing or Replacing Cameras for Classroom Capture

When you install a USB-attached camera on a PC, you should always install the camera driver but we strongly recommend NOT installing any application software that may have come with the camera. The camera application can interfere with Classroom Capture (CCAP).

If driver-only installation is not possible, be sure that you:

We strongly recommend performing a test capture using the camera, then reviewing the results, to be sure it is functioning properly. See Test Protocol for Web Cameras on the supported CCAP devices page.

After replacing, removing, or installing a new input device

CCAP device support is designed specifically for static input configurations. Although an instructor can plug a capture device into the USB port and it will be detected, the use of the new device is not guaranteed. An Administrator should review any new source configurations before the start of a capture session.

Follow these steps if you:

To add/replace/remove a device

  1. Connect the new input device to the USB port of the classroom PC. If you are only removing (not replacing) a device, skip to step 3.
  2. If possible, install ONLY the camera driver; do not install the application software that may have come with the camera.
  3. Log into Echo360 (as an administrator), and navigate to the Configure Room dialog box.
  4. Review, and if necessary, change the device input selections for the room. The system should automatically recognize a replacement device and select it, but you will want to check to be sure.
  5. Click SAVE.

Accidental device removal

If a device becomes disconnected from the classroom PC, the Room Configuration settings will automatically change to use the remaining available devices. The system cannot distinguish between an accidental device removal and an intentional one, and will attempt to auto-detect any changes, reconfiguring input selections accordingly.

For example, if you have a USB video camera to capture video, and the device becomes disconnected, the system automatically detects the change and reconfigures the Video selection to use the integrated webcam for video input (if available), or disables the video option and does not capture video.

If, however, a scheduled capture is configured to record video, and the video camera becomes disconnected and there is no other video source available, the system will do the following: