Configure Classroom Capture Input Devices

Once Classroom Capture (CCAP) is installed and has been assigned to a room, you can configure the device input settings for the room.

Room configuration, described below, defines which devices will be used to capture each input type (audio, video, display, second video). The input to be captured for each class (i.e., A/D/V or A/V) is configured on the capture schedule.

To set classroom capture defaults:

  1. Navigate to the ROOMS page.
  2. Use the filtering drop-down lists and/or Search text box to find the room containing the CCAP device.
  3. Hover your mouse over the Room tile to show the menu arrow in the top-right corner of the tile.
    device menu with configure option identified as described
  4. Click the menu arrow and select Configure.
    The Configure Room dialog box appears, with the capture input section at the top of the box. The options are described in more detail in the section below.
    configure room dialog box showing capture input selections as described
  5. Scroll down to see the Configurations section at the bottom of the box.
    bottom section of device configuration dialog box as described
  6. When finished making changes, click SAVE to retain your changes, click DOWNLOAD to download a device.xml file with the configuration shown, or click SAVE AND DOWNLOAD to do both.

Setting input devices for capture

The capture input section of the Configure Room page allows you to select which devices will be used to capture each input type. Your options include all of the installed capture devices (cameras, microphones, and display inputs) that have been installed on the machine and are detected by CCAP.

CCAP must always be configured to capture audio. If there is no audio input device installed on the CCAP machine, you will not be able to schedule captures. By default, CCAP uses the integrated microphone on the PC (if one is detected).

When you configure a capture for the room (scheduled or one-time), you can select what inputs you want to capture. The Room configurations described here identify which devices are used for each input type.

NOTE:  These settings only identify the device to be used for an input; the capture configuration identifies what inputs to capture.

To set the audio input device

To set the display input device

To set the primary video input device

To set the secondary video input device

NOTE: The Secondary Video section of the Configure Room dialog box does not appear unless the Primary Video slider is enabled.