Working with Captures

As an administrator, you have a large degree of control over all of the captures in your system. All capture-related tasks, including reviewing capture playback, are performed through the CAPTURES page. These include:

When you first enter the Captures page, the list is filtered by Today's date by default. Meaning the captures shown on each tab of the captures page are those in that state for today.

The figure below shows the Captures page filtered by "Today" and showing those captures that have been completed with today's date.

Captures page for admins on entry with todays completed captures shown as described

Click CLEAR next to Date to remove the Today filter and see all completed captures in the list. Alternately, you can click All time from the bottom of the Date filter list to see all captures.

Navigating the captures page

Since there are probably a LOT of captures in your system, we've tried to make the CAPTURES page easy to filter, sort, and search, so you can quickly get the information you need.

The page can be filtered by status, using the status bar across the top of the captures list. The status bar also shows the number of captures in that particular state.

Using the panel on the left, the page can be filtered by date, source, instructor, or other criteria as needed. Click the category to expand it and select the criteria you need.

Enter text into the Search box to search for captures by name, capture room or building, section, or data tag.

The list can be sorted by clicking a column header. The current sort column appears with a small triangle to the right of the column name. If the triangle is pointing down, the sort is Descending; pointing up indicates Ascending. By default, the list is sorted by the time the capture was generated, with newest captures shown first.

Captures page with filters and search box identified as described

Review capture playback

Besides viewing the details of a capture and access to other functionality, you can review the capture playback in the capture details page.

To review a capture

  1. From the Captures page, find the capture you want to review.
  2. Click on the capture.
    The capture details page opens, including playback controls.
    capture details page with playback as described
  3. Click play to play the capture, using the volume control, speed control, and playback bar to control those aspects of the capture playback.