Viewing Detailed Capture Information

Detailed capture information is available for captures that have completed or those that have errored out. Clicking a capture from the Completed or Errors list of captures opens the capture's details page, providing information and a variety of functionality.

To view detailed capture information

  1. From the CAPTURES page, find the capture you want.
  2. Click on the capture row.
    The capture details page appears. A completed capture is shown in the figure below.
    capture details page for completed capture as described
  3. Below the capture preview, the capture Publishing tab is shown by default.

Click the Info tab to view detailed event information about the capture. For completed captures, this includes capture and upload timing, device and publishing information, and other details, as shown in the below figure.

Bottom section of capture details page with capture info showing as described


For errored captures, the bottom of the page shows the Events that occurred around the capture, and will indicate whether the capture was missed (possibly due to a device being offline) or if the failure occurred during capture, upload, or processing.

Events list for capture that failed during processing as described