Uploading Closed Captioning Files for Captures (Admins)

Some institutions who add closed captioning to their video media use a third-party closed captioning provider. If this describes your institution, see Closed Captioning for configuration details.

Some institutions, however, generate their own closed captioning files and Echo360 allows those institutions to upload those manually generated file to captures.

Echo360 only supports the use of .VTT and .SRT files.

Both Administrators and Instructors can manually upload captioning files to captures/video media.

To add closed captioning files to a capture

  1. From the Completed captures list on the CAPTURES page, find the capture you want.
  2. Click on the capture row.
    The capture details page appears.
    capture details page for completed capture with Add captions option identified as described
  3. On the right side of the details panel, below the capture preview, click Add next to Captions.
    If the capture already contains closed captioning, this option is labeled Reprocess instead.  
  4. From the captioning options dialog box that appears, select Upload a file.
    Add captions options for administrators as described
  5. In the Filepicker window that appears, navigate to and select the closed captioning file to apply to this capture. Only .VTT and .SRT file types are accepted at this time.

Once the file is uploaded, it is applied to and synced with the capture video. This processing should take a very brief period of time.

If you are using a closed captioning provider, you can alternately send the video to be re-processed for captions.

NOTE that if a user edits the video, the captioning file may need to be re-done and re-uploaded for application to the edited video.