Uploading Captures

There are some times when you may need to manually upload a capture or other video to Echo360. The Upload Capture functionality for administrators only allows uploading of video media.

IMPORTANT: If you upload the capture, you are the "owner" of the capture, meaning you are the only one who can edit the media or edit the details (name, description, tags) of the content. You can publish it to a section or share it with another user, but that user cannot edit the media or details. See Changing ownership for how to give the content to another user.

To upload existing captures

  1. From the main menu, select CAPTURES.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the captures page, click UPLOAD CAPTURE.
  3. In the Filepicker window, use the left panel to identify the location of the file, then follow the prompts. It MUST be a supported video file type. If the file is saved locally, click Choose File from the window, and navigate to the capture file to upload.
  4. Click UPLOAD.

Once the capture has been uploaded and processed, you will likely want to share it with an instructor (so it appears in their library) or publish it to a section for student/instructor viewing.